our story

La nostra filosofia è tradizione qualità salute

We are the main consumers of the foods we create.
We value good and healthy ingredients, we avoid the chemical enhancements and industrialization of food, and we always seek out historic and traditional flavors.

La Dolceroma can be summarized as Tradition, Quality, Health.

Here you will find coconut flower sugar, the best butter and chocolate, eggs from free-range hens, high-quality and often organic buckwheat, wheat, bran, and oatmeal flours, that create a variety of flavors and provide an enriching diet.
We import cream, yogurt, and quark from Austria. In the Waldviertel, the ancient forest land between the Danube and Bohemia, the best gray poppies in all of Europe are cultivated, whose seeds we use for our Viennese breakfast breads.
Some of our specialties are made with walnuts and hazelnuts from Viterbo. Also, the pine nuts are all Italian and the apples are strictly organic, sourced from the best organic orchards in the South-Tyrol. The raisins are generally Australian or South African.
The chocolate comes from Latin American forests; I create the marzipan myself using Sicilian almonds.

In conclusion . . . Without revealing too many trade secrets, I invite you to enjoy yourself here, come in and become one of my much-loved clients.