LA DOLCEROMA - Specialities from Vienna

La Dolceroma is the austrian pastry shop/bakery of Rome since 1988. We prepare also the main american specialities.

The pastry chef Stefano Ceccarelli comes from an old restaurant family. First he collected wide experiences in Vienna and america, then he opend this tiny place La Dolceroma.

He keeps his business small to be able to follow each operation. It´s important to perfect the pastry art everyday with a special respect on the originality of Austrian, American and sometimes at Italian specialities.

He does not only search quality and good taste but healthy alternative things are for him very important too. Reduction of sacrose sugar, organic use, fresh cream cheese and Austrian products are some of his most important points.


The range is from chese cake , carrot cake , cookies , brownies , muffins , pies ,sacher , Dobos , Mozart cakes , Strudel and mozartkugeln to Austrian rye and spelt bread , Brezen or Brezeln. This and much more specialities are handmade and daily baked.

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